Real Fast Library Marketing

Library Marketing Course Includes

  • How To Prepare Your Books For Library Sales
  • How To Price Books For Library Distribution
  • Library Distribution And Submission Secrets
  • Easy Ways To Create Local Demand Regardless Of Your Location
  • How To Recruit Librarians As Advocates For Your Book
  • Secrets To Creating a Spine And Book Cover That Work With Libraries
  • How To Plan And Execute A Marketing And PR Plan Librarians Will Love
  • How To Use Press Releases To Maximum Effect
  • Best Ways To Contact Libraries So That They're Receptive To Buying Your Books
  • Recordings Of Actual Calls That Are Made To Libraries
  • How To Sell To Librarians Using Just Your Emails
  • Access To The Real Fast Library Marketing Private Facebook Group
  • Access To Our Implementation Webinars
  • How To Outsource The Entire Process
  • State By State Library Database
  • Public Library Database
  • Top 20 Public Schools Database
  • University Libraries Database
  • International Library Database For Australia, U.K. And Canada
  • Guranteed Acceptance Of Your Ebook For Licensing Through Proquest
  • 1 On 1 Consult With Amy Collins To Build A Custom Marketing Plan For Libraries
  • Full Email Support From Amy Collins
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Here's what others had to say about Amy Collins, Daniel Hall and the lessons from Real Fast Library Marketing...

"Amy’s system got my book tested in libraries, and I was truly impressed with the results—in the end, The Legacy Letters got into over 40 library systems!"

Carew Papritz
Author & publisher of the award-winning, The Legacy Letters

"Conscious Millionaire: Grow Your Business by Making a Difference." We contacted twenty-five libraries and her system was able to get all twenty-five libraries to order…my book.”

Author of Conscious Millionaire
  • License Your eBooks to Libraries

    Huge ebook licensing opportunity that can spin off recurring revenue that few people even know exists and practically no one know’s how to do.

  • Sell Your POD Books To Libraries

    Selling your POD books to libraries and why it is an excellent way to increase sales of your book on Amazon!

  • Library Assisted Viral Book Marketing

    The sale of your book to one library can result in viral sales to many other libraries.

  • Become an Approve Library Book Vendor

    The easy 20-minute activity that allows you to become recognized as an approved library ebook vendor.

  • Complete Library Database List

    Amy and her team have been building this list of contact emails and phone numbers since 2008 and have NEVER sold it before (this one module is worth more than the entire course!)

  • Plug And Play Templates

    Emails, Cover Letters, Press Releases, Author One Sheet and Book Data Templates!  It’s all here!

  • Actual Recordings Of Library Calls

    You get to hear the nitty gritty details of Amy and her team actually closing deals with real libraries (talk about taking guess work out of the equation!)

  • Sell Your Books With Only Email

    YES!  You can sell your books to libraries with only a few emails and we’ll show you the exact type that librarians will LOVE!

  • Private Facebook Group

    Where you can ask more in depth questions about the training and speak with other students and authors!

  • License For Up To 8x Retail

    “Rent” your ebook to libraries for up to 8 times the price that you would “sell” your book on Amazon… and do it over and over again!

  • Kindle Author/ Publish Marketing Plan

    Selling to libraries is a perfect marketing strategy for Kindle authors.

  • Open To Indie Authors & Small Publishers

    The step by step process of how libraries buy POD books and license ebooks from independent author and publishers like you.

You Get The Tools You Need!

  • You Can Get A Complete Library Database - Worth The Entire Price of $297 Enrollment!

    What else could be included to make this process even easier for you?  We are including a vetted database of libraries nationwide.  Much time, energy, and effort into these databases.  Amy and her team have been working on this since 2008, and she believes that this is the largest, most accurate library database in the industry.  She’s never sold it before. This database can be broken down by state if you want.  It includes public libraries, public school libraries, and some university libraries.  These have all been pulled together by Amy and her team.  They have called up these libraries many times over the years and spoken with them.  This is a very well-documented and vetted list.  Librarians do want to hear from you.  They want to be of service to their community.  This is not the same as calling a bookstore.  You are calling someone who not only loves books, but who loves being of help.

  • You Get All The Templates You Need To Sell To Libraries Too!

    We allow you to hit the ground running by providing you all the plug-and-play templates you need to make more library sales – REAL FAST!  That is, you get email templates, cover letter templates, press release template, author one sheet template, book data templates and so much more!!

    You can save time, effort, energy and money by using these templates to get results!