MASTERCLASS: The Simple 5 Step Process For Authors 
To Get Their Book Sold Into Libraries Nationwide
How Authors Can Get Their Books Bought By The 16,568 Branches Of The U.S. Library System
  •  Why Getting Your Book Into Libraries Generates Sales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Audible (Or Anywhere Else Your Book Is Sold) 
  •  What Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres Are The Easiest To Sell To Libraries... And There's Several Counter Intuitive Categories That Just May Shock You. 
  •  The 1-Page You Need In Your Book To Make It Successful Selling To Libraries... Only Savvy Indie Authors Know What Info To Include and Where To Get It
  •  Why Librarians Are Huge Cheerleaders For Indie Authors... Or How The Sale Of a Book To One Branch Can Get Your Book Into All Branches Of The Library System Without Any Additional Promotion 
  •  Why It's So Easy To Get Noticed As An Author By Librarians If You Tell Them What They Need To Hear... We'll Even Share What You Should Tell Them When You're Reaching Out.
Amy Collins | Publishing & Library Expert
Helped To Sell 40+ Million Books To Libraries and Bookstores
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