Discover Why Most Books Fail Because They're Not Being Bought By The Right People And...

How We've Helped Authors Sell 800,000+ Books To These Readers Who Helps Gets Authors Into Booktores AND Increases Amazon Sales...

...even if a book is self-published and the author has a small budget.


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Presented By Amy Collins and Daniel Hall 

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  •  Why Libraries Are Where Smart Authors (Even Best Sellers) Start Their Book Marketing Campaigns.
  • ​Why Librarians Are The Easiest Book Buyer To Reach and How They Influence Other People To Buy Books From Them - Including Bookstores.  
  •  The 3 Wholesalers We Recommend Authors Get Their Book Listed With To Create The Perfect Storm of Sales
  • ​The 6 Step Process That Takes a Book From No Sales To Getting The Author Paid By The Library
  • ​How We Recruit Librarians To Promote Our Books Nationally By Giving Them A Few Things To Help Them Sell Our Books
  • ​The 3, Simple 1-Page Documents We Provide To Librarians That Do All The Book Selling
  • ​The Word-For-Word Email We Use To Reach Out To Libraries That's Friendly, Professional and Has Worked For Years
Discover how To sell Your book to libraries nationally even If You're a Brand New Author Or have little name recognition

Trade Secret # 1

Why Librarians Are Secretly The Most Influential Reader Because Of Their Sway Over Super-Readers.

Trade Secret # 2

Why getting into bookstores and getting book reviews is easier  if a book is popular in libraries.   

Trade Secret # 3

Librarians don't care about book sales or major publishers, but we will share what they do care about. 

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"Over Her 20+ Year Career In Publishing Amy Collins and Her Students Have Sold Over 800,000 Books Directly to Libraries and Over 40+ Million Books and Counting"

Also near the end of the training Amy will reveal her Word-For-Word email she's been using for years to professionally reach out to librarians and start off selling to them on the right foot.